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Meditation & Movement
Lauren Hutchings Yoga
Lauren is a yoga instructor in Calgary, Alberta. She teaches the traditional yoga postures, yes, AND she graciously invites you to heal trauma, to calm your nervous system, to be mindful. Lauren offers workshops that integrate somatic release, Trauma Release Exercises, Critical Alignment, and meditation. Join her. Go inwards. Emerge lighter. 
Balance Quest
Balance Quest is the work of Tracey Delfs, a mindfulness and meditation coach (she has studied extensively with Thich Nhat Hanh), a life coach, and Heart MathTM practitioner. To work with Tracey is to access a new part of being. Get focussed. Get into your heart. 

 1 Giant Mind 

A meditation app

No pressure, it doesn't "remind you" that you've skipped a day or two (or more); Gentle, option for silence, optional journal; A great starting platform for meditation and mindfulness.

Head Space

A meditation app

This company bases their app in the science behind mindfulness stress reduction and cognitive therapy. Some of their research shows that meditation helps with compassion, happiness, and improved health. Pretty sweet!

Yoga, meditation, documentaries, pilates, kids's here.

Affordable, flexible class lengths...options for everyone.


Becoming Supernatural - Joe Dispenza MD

If you've ever wondered about the practical and physiological aspects of meditation and quantum fields, then this is the book for you.  

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