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Lab Testing

Available Testing includes (but is not limited to):

Food Allergy Testing

Food allergy (or sensitivity) testing is done via a fingerstick blood test in-office. It helps narrow down which foods are creating inflammation and contributing to dis-ease in your body. Read more on the blog


Nutrient and Organic Acid Testing

Nutrient testing is a blood test that looks for deficiencies in your body's amino acids (protein building blocks), vitamins, antioxidants like coQ10 and alpha lipoic acid, minerals, and gives information about the immune response. 

The information gained from nutrient testing can provide preventative disease information, help target treatments to slow premature aging, and is useful for cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and metabolic disorders.

Neurotransmitter Testing

Want to know how your brain is working? Anxiety? Not sleeping? Fatigue all day long? A urine collection can reveal levels of neurotransmitters - GABA, serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. 1 urine sample. 2-3 hours after getting up in the morning. That easy.

Stool Testing

Stool testing can be done for parasite detection, candida, and other flora imbalances. It's helpful in determining which bacteria might be growing out of balance, and which bacteria you could benefit from (PROBIOTICS!). 

Hormone Testing

Hormone testing is either blood, saliva, or urine. 

Blood - done privately through Calgary Lab Services. Involves hormones like estradiol, DHEA-S, testosterone, progesterone, prolactin, and cortisol. Blood levels are not always accurate as hormone levels tend to fluctuate throughout the day. 


Saliva - These panels are recommended most frequently when there are a few times in the day when we need readings, or if we want to track your hormones throughout your menstrual cycle. 


Urine - The gold standard of testing hormones. It is a 24 hour urine collection, done on day 21 of a cycling female's cycle, or anytime post-menopausally, as well as anytime for men. These tests give the most information - hormones and their metabolites, including information about thyroid and kidney function, and enzymes in the hormone pathways. Very valuable. 

General blood tests (these ones you know)

Blood tests can be ordered privately through Calgary Lab Services, and include thyroid panels (including antibodies and thyroid hormones), liver function, kidney function, calcium, phosphorus, basic blood count - red and white blood cells, vitamin D, and many more. 

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